Boulaun 3pc Cooler Pad Set for Yeti Roadie

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Boulaun 3pc Cooler Pad Set for Yeti Roadie

Boulaun 3pc Cooler Pad Set for Yeti Roadie

Non-skid pads for cooler surfaces frequently used for sitting, kneeling, or standing. This kits includes 3 pieces total; 1 top pad and 2 knee guards. Made to fit Yeti Roadie coolers. Cooler not included with purchase of pads.
The knee guard is a Boulaun unique invention.
Proprietary Marine grade Boulaun EVA material with dual density.
Boulaun EVA does not heat up in all day sun.
Go ahead, try barefoot standing on the cooler after pads have sat in direct sunlight!
The textured dot grip pattern and EVA have incredible hold and slip resistance, even when wet!
Super strong peel adhesive allows Boulaun pads to adhere with a marine grade bond to the unique plastic of a Yeti.